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If you like newer homes, highly rated schools and superb views ..without going way up into the hills the Upper Rockridge neighborhood in Oakland is a great place to live!

Tucked in between homes on several of the streets are hidden pathways, shortcuts down the hill for pedestrians dashing the the Trans bay bus stop for the morning commute. And a good end of day work out on the way home!

Village market offers the convenience of a very nice grocery store with imports like my beloved Marmite (!) and other delectable items. Take out Barbeque several days a week and a good deli selection.

My recent listing offered gorgeous Bay and City views and that very desirable guest suite.
…..So nice that visitors may not want to leave!

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So many lovely neighborhoods in the East Bay!

I worked with many delightful clients in 2012 helping them sell or purchase in a wide variety of price ranges and neighborhoods.

From the urban hub near Lake Merritt or downtown Berkeley to treelined vistas and panoramic views in the hills there is something for everyone.

For those who are looking to sell in 2013, buyers are eagerly awaiting new inventory.

I’d love to hear from you if you’re considering selling or buying this year!

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 According to current data two thirds of Millennials (born 1981-2000) say living in a walkable community is important, and they will pay more for what I call “the latte factor!” . In fact, the overall trend with all age groups in the EastBay is a preference for the car-free lifestyle . Walkable neighborhoods provide a desirable quality of life and data suggest that residents of these neighborhoods are happier, healthier and more likely to volunteer in their communities.

I recently worked with two different buyers who were looking to purchase in an urban area with good walkability. One buyer purchased a super 2 bedroom condo in the Rockridge area of Oakland; it’s a reasonable walk to Rockridge BART and all the amenities of College Avenue.

5335 Broadway Terrace Rockridge; entry

The second buyer was downsizing from a house in San Francisco, and looked for several months at quieter neighborhoods in Berkeley. Eventually my client realized the sleepy streets were not for him, and he still needed that urban vibe! He purchased a home on a busier Berkeley street , close to Whole Foods and the Elmwood shopping area.

Both buyers prioritized access to transport and resources.

2948 Florence St. Berkeley

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Getting along with the neighbors is a huge part of enjoying where you live.
How can you figure this out when you are looking to buy?
Sometimes you get a “heads up!” and it’s always a good idea to see if you can chat with a few neighbors.
If you’re buying a condo or a house, its good to see what you can find out, even if it involves shamelessly knocking on doors or hanging out on a Saturday morning!

Recently, when showing a home in Rockridge to potential buyers who had every intention of buying the house, we had an altercation with a neighbor.  Unfortunately,  or maybe not (!) we had inadvertently blocked the road towards the end of a cul- de- sac, and a returning neighbor could not access his driveway.

We all apologized profusely and went to move the car. What followed was a totally uncalled for outpouring, including instructions to “buy somewhere else”!

So guess what, they will!

A couple of years ago I was involved in a transaction in Berkeley which included disclosures indicating there was an ongoing dispute with the neighbor over a tiny piece of land that abutted a fence.
We asked for further details, and during escrow received a letter which the seller wrote, outlining a history of an amicable relationship which had gone sour.

 A susequent letter from the neighbor, and a property line from his surveyor soon followed .  My buyer consulted with an attorney.  I forget what the situation was with the strip of dirt, all of 2 inches by maybe 4 ft , but the survey did reveal  the property  encroached  slightly onto a portion of the neighbor’s driveway.

What should my buyer do?

She loved the house, and had no way of knowing if the neighbor’s antagonism was personal or would come with the house!

The house had been like this for years, the attorney elaborated on the “maybes”, and the buyer considered her tolerance for risk and her ability to deal with what may or may not be an issue as the new owner.  Ultimately we worked through the various legal angles and the buyer proceeded with the purchase.

I’m happy to report that as time went by my client and the neighbor developed a cordial relationship and she loves her house and the location!

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