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Once upon a time you paid more money to live in the Oakland Hills than in most parts of the flatlands. Schools had the better reputation, you were away from the urban bustle and grittier parts of city living and maybe you even got a lovely view of the Bay!

OK, so Rockridge hasn’t been cheap for a long time, but the boundary lines between which areas sell for more and which sell for less are shifting.
The bike riding 20 something and the down sizing 60 something continue to gravitate to the urban hub.

A few clips from recent sales showing the list price above and sale price….SP is the sale price. Multiple offers and strong competition for these  homes in hot Oakland neighborhoods!


Rose Garden

Rose Garden

The Rose garden near Grand Ave and Lakeshore



Lakeshore  near Grand Ave and Lake Merritt



North Oakland not far from Ashby and MacArthur BART

Piedmont Ave

Piedmont Ave near shopping district and restaurants



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Walking around Lake Merritt is one of my favorite treats! With the wonderful new pathways and updated landscaping it’s an amazing resource for everyone who lives here. Figure on hearing at least half a dozen languages spoken on any given day, and keep an eye open for the herons , egrets and err yes.. the Canada Goose poop..

My current listing is a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in one of the nicest buildings, the Merritt Royal, just across from the Lake. Come to this week’s open house Sunday 22nd 2-4:30pm

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Many of the residents have been there for ages, and the building has better financial reserves than many… always a good thing with condos! No… you do NOT want your dues to be too low or you will be looking at special assessments down the road, think of dues as a forced savings account for when your home needs a new roof or a paint job etc!

Enjoy a great brunch at Portal  and then go to Lake Chalet for happy hour or an evening desert

And for all the fun facts about Lake Merritt please visit this BLOG.

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If you’re interested in some of the more urban spots in Oakland I’ve recently helped buyers purchase in these central locations. They all fulfill what I call “The latte factor” requirement!
Many buyers moving to the East Bay are hoping to maintain easy access to San Francisco and at least some of the urban buzz! They want  to purchase at a decent discount compared to the city prices, but they don’t want complete suburbia and a car drive to pick up milk and a few groceries!

181 Glen Ave.

Glen Ave is one of the little streets just off Piedmont Ave, the homes are mostly older and many are very charming craftsman style buildings. Parking can be limited depending on the street, certainly better than many areas in San Francisco… I remember driving around!
You can click on the photo of Piedmont Ave below to access neighborhood resources all over Oakland including the Piedmont Ave district.

And by the way, Piedmont Ave is not in Piedmont!

525 Mandana Blvd. #329

Mandana Boulevard is superbly located between the thriving Grand and Lakeshore avenues. Super close to Lake Merritt, and does any other location have anything quite like the Grand Lake theater? They frequently post some neon political commentary, and the bus to SF stops outside.

Click on the link below to catch a show!

1936 Market

One  neighborhood that helped put Oakland 5th on the “Time’s” list of places to visit in the world is the appropriately named “Uptown district”. Amazing restaurants and nightlife, WholeFoods and on the first Friday of every month the unique ambiance of Art Murmur. All close to one of our few districts with Victorians, including this roomy Queen Anne. Click on the link below to explore some art!

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