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For some uncanny reason the last 2 Oakland homes I lived in are on the market at the same time!

When we sold our home in 2006 we caught the market as it was starting to drop, not catching the highest price but happy we timed it when we did.

Below are charts showing the rise and fall of several east bay neighborhoods from 2005-2015!

If you’ve been waiting to sell the sellers market does not usually last for a very extended period of time!


Berkeley home prices have soared to new heights in the last couple of years. Always tight on inventory, prices never dropped as significantly as in some areas.

berkeley historic sales


Piedmont prices have risen astronomically, with quality homes, easy commutes and schools ranked top 10 in the nation.

Piedmont historic sales


Rockridge homes have increased significantly in value due to proximity to urban amenities and the desire for convenience.  Their fall was less precipitous than in many areas.
Rockrdige historic sales


Glenview homes are being sought by buyers priced out of Crocker Highlands.
glenview historic sales


Montclair homes rose a little more slowly with many buyers liking the good schools but preferring walkable locations with a more urban vibe.
Montclair historical prices


94602 includes The Oakmore, The Laurel and Dimond areas. Many of these homes are selling at record highs with the less pricey areas within 94602 still moving up in value.
Areas below MacArthur took a big hit when prices fell and had more ground to recover.

94602 historic prices

Redwood Heights has been slower to rise in value, despite the well regarded elementary school there is no central destination which drives other neighborhood prices.
redwood heights historic prices


Many homes in the 94605 zip code have not overtaken the height of the market but many have fully recovered values.
94605 historic sales

Expect to see the lower end of the market and condos continue to climb in 2015 as buyers are priced out of neighborhoods and compete for the more moderate end of the market.



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As the local real estate market emerges from the lows of the last couple of years, some neighborhoods are bouncing back quicker than others. One neighborhood on fire for the last few weeks is the Glenview.

No, it’s not right next to BART, but the express bus to SF and casual carpool are fabulous options. I chose driving over the bridge and enjoying that wonderful view for most of my years commuting to SF… it’s SO much nicer than being underground!!

The Glenview neighborhood in Oakland has always been noted for its attractive architecture, easy commute and streets with sidewalks. Added attractions are the burgeoning restaurant scene, an upgraded market and the nearby Dimond Park.

The sellers of this home at 4145 Randolph have done a fabulous job of updating the kitchen and bathrooms with custom cabinetry and quality finishes. (Much though we all appreciate Ikea this is several steps up and made to last!)

Beautifully staged with very timely Black and Orange (!) this home was so well received the sellers listened to offers after just over a week on the market.

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One of the local restaurants I always enjoy and purchase many gift certificates from (!) is BELLANICOS

For additional Oakland neighborhoods see this map -click the GLENVIEW bubble for more on the Glenview neighborhood.

See an article on the local coffee shop, Ultimate Grounds at –COFFEE NEWS!

To find out more please visit 4145RANDOLPH.COM

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Glenview Purchase

Glenview buyer 2009
I represented the buyers of this 4 bedroom home in the Glenview district

These words might one say to a buyer
Why wait ‘til the mortgage rate’s higher?
If you’re planning to stay
Living here by the bay
Right now people with powder should fire!

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