Once upon a time you paid more money to live in the Oakland Hills than in most parts of the flatlands. Schools had the better reputation, you were away from the urban bustle and grittier parts of city living and maybe you even got a lovely view of the Bay!

OK, so Rockridge hasn’t been cheap for a long time, but the boundary lines between which areas sell for more and which sell for less are shifting.
The bike riding 20 something and the down sizing 60 something continue to gravitate to the urban hub.

A few clips from recent sales showing the list price above and sale price….SP is the sale price. Multiple offers and strong competition for these  homes in hot Oakland neighborhoods!


Rose Garden

Rose Garden

The Rose garden near Grand Ave and Lakeshore



Lakeshore  near Grand Ave and Lake Merritt



North Oakland not far from Ashby and MacArthur BART

Piedmont Ave

Piedmont Ave near shopping district and restaurants



Local Realtors know neighborhoods and then they also know desirable “pockets”  between the more well defined areas.

This Cape Cod style home is located in one of those popular little pockets on one of two parallel predominantly level streets with sidewalks and an almost cul-de sac location.

Sidewalks make for easy dog walking,  spotting the neighbors you haven’t seen for a few weeks and hanging out chatting while the kids cycle and skate up and down the block!

With a local grocery store, several restaurants , the trail head to  regional parks , an easy commute and Montclair Schools zoning it’s easy to see why this location has a strong following!
5053 Kearney EXT movie start

Built for one of two sisters who wanted East Coast style homes a few doors from each other, this home was lovingly maintained by the original owner for many years. Updated and expanded with the addition of a guest suite or home office, the second owners are now moving on!

Around the corner is trail head access and  a quick climb up to the top of the hill to Look out Point in Joaquin Miller Park.
Peek down on the Kearney homes below!

Walking around Lake Merritt is one of my favorite treats! With the wonderful new pathways and updated landscaping it’s an amazing resource for everyone who lives here. Figure on hearing at least half a dozen languages spoken on any given day, and keep an eye open for the herons , egrets and err yes.. the Canada Goose poop..

My current listing is a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in one of the nicest buildings, the Merritt Royal, just across from the Lake. Come to this week’s open house Sunday 22nd 2-4:30pm

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Many of the residents have been there for ages, and the building has better financial reserves than many… always a good thing with condos! No… you do NOT want your dues to be too low or you will be looking at special assessments down the road, think of dues as a forced savings account for when your home needs a new roof or a paint job etc!

Enjoy a great brunch at Portal  and then go to Lake Chalet for happy hour or an evening desert

And for all the fun facts about Lake Merritt please visit this BLOG.

Preparing this home for sale was a lot of work, but so rewarding to see the results!

The out of state sellers found their once-loved back garden had been ravaged by tenant’s big hairy dogs.. grass and plantings destroyed ……the furnace filter appeared to have absorbed at least half a canine coat…..

Now transformed and restored to its former glory with the help of a great team of painters, floor refinishers, handyman, landscaper and stager.

See the photos below of the garden before and after, and check out the deck in mid powerwash…… a pretty dramatic change. that was worth the money!

And of course , spring weather and lovely flowering roses are a great help!


The Temescal neighborhood in Oakland attracts a multitude of bicyclists and pedestrians, all enjoying the proximity of shops and restaurants, library, public pool and neighborhood amenities, as well as easy access to buses and BART.

Telegraph Ave is in the process of undergoing various improvements  to facilitate pedestrian and bicyclist safety.
Click the streetscape below to visit the City Street Information website


Wow, it was Christmas when I first saw my most recent listing in wonderful Crocker Highlands!

Clarendon Xmas

A lot has happened since then! Tenants moving out , multiple contractor bids and discussions about what work to do and what to leave for the next owners. There is ALWAYS more one can do when selling a house!

This is an exceptional large stately 1913 home and everything is on a grand scale including the fuse panel!!
Very nicely labeled I might add!


The fruits of our labor:  Crocker Highlands in the spring, and it is quite beautiful with trees leafing out and birds singing away.
Two weeks on the market and some very nice offers from a new generation of homeowners!

The Berkeley Hills has always been one of the East Bay’s most desirable places to live. Certainly up in the Berkeley hills the rain does not keep the serious buyers away! Despite the complete absence of ANY view, and the police blockade on Grizzly Peak there was a stellar turn out at the first open house. Don’t let the weather delay plans to sell, buyers are out looking and they will come back to visit if they like the house!

The glamorous life of a realtor involves dressing for the weather and all hands on deck!!  ( Thank you honey!)

shoes at open Sign of Rain


Visitors big and small and plenty of towels on hand… plastic covers all  round!

Beautiful views of the ever changing sky and bay from my listing at 30 Hill Road near Tilden Park in Berkeley

30 Hill slideshow start


Our wonderful East Bay Parks, live in the hills and step outside to Tilden and beyond

Click here for info on Tilden Park

Click here for info on Tilden Park

screenshot of slideshow


Newer homes in Oakland are almost non existent with the exception being the post fire rebuilds of the early 1990s , a few higher end custom homes and occasional urban infill.

One spot where there is more contemporary development is in the Old Leona Quarry.
My new listing is one of the rare re sales, a stunning light and bright unit with extra high ceiling and lovely bay outlooks!  There is plenty of fascinating history behind the development, and some beautiful nature walks close by!

Below is an article on the initial development of Oakland’s Leona Quarry.

Quarry construction


A step back further in time to the Leona Quarry and other mining operations in Oakland’s past!

screenshot of Leona Miner


One of Oakland’s many lovely hiking trails Leona Trail is quite close by.




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